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how to use 38mm stretcher cross brace to make perfect canvas

Our pine gallery stretcher bars have a 38mm deep profile (38mm off the wall) and specially designed to easily slot together with any other bar size.  
This means you can slot together a 12" stretcher bar and 16" stretcher bar. All canvas stretcher bars are kiln dryed to less than 8% moisture
making them user friendly for central heated homes... non warping!
Canvas Wedges: After mounting your canvas print you finish stretching the canvas using the free corner keys (corner wedges) which finally tension the canvas. The
finished result should be a tight drum like canvas.
Cross Braces: We recommend using a cross brace for larger canvases to keep them strong and square during mounting. We suggest using a brace for canvas prints 24" x 36" or bigger. Watch our video and see how it's done :)