This stretchable canvas media has a slightly textured, matte surface for true artistic quality and produces water-, smudge- and fade-resistant prints when used with inks. Scalable Printing technology assures reliability and optimizes ink consumption. The Z2100 even has an embedded spectrophotometer with i1 Color Technology from Greta to provide automatic media profiling. This new base will transport easily through all current inkjet printers? The base also has a cleaner, more natural white tint, presenting a superb inkjet canvas rolls for the image.

The products to be produced will be coated papers suitable for subsequent printing on ink jet printers of a variety of types. Finished product weights will range from about 220gsm up to about 340gsm. Specially designed for market, incorporating an inkjet surface and a satin/matt drawing surface. Excellent high resolution monochrome and color images which dry fast and are moisture resistant. You can also browse product reviews of our galleries smooth canvas rolls 61cm x 30 5 m 24 x 100 290gsm inkjet media to get more information. Buying our galleries smooth gloss rolls 61cm x 30 5 m 24 x 100 290gsm inkjet canvas was never as easy as with UK.

Water-proof inkjet photo paper fit pigment ink . For an explanation of technical words have a look at our downloadable Glossary of Inkjet Terms . Mesh is one kind of special solvent inkjet media and a open weave flexible sign face materials.Its open structure allows wind flow. It is of good ventilation and lighting.

Similar solvent based products followed later but not before aqueous inkjet had made huge inroads by capturing significant market and mind share due to high image quality, ease of use and relatively low cost for short run production. There was no disputing aqueous canvas prints require a protective over laminate to avoid smudging and smearing from handling or exposure to moisture. While it is best for 2400dpi inkjet operation: self-adhesive high satin photo paper (100%water-proof) high glossy photo paper (100%water-proof) high glossy photo paper (100%water-proof).. DIY ink canvas roll refill kits are an easy way to save serious amounts of money?