As a supplier for Dye sublimation mugs we also supply the sublimation paper for printing and transferring the print onto a blank sublimation mug. The most common sublimation paper sizes are A4 and A3 sheets, used on a small desktop printer. A desktop printer is ideal for this kind of small product such as sublimation mugs because of the high resolution these printers produce but for the heating process to work a special type of ink is needed to be installed called dye sublimation inks.

Dye sublimation ink and printing is a thermal process where a heat press machine is used to Dye Sublimation mugstransfer the ink gases directly into the surface of our special sublimation substrate coating. For this example, we are using a blank sublimation coated mug which is heated using a heat press machine to fuse the printed dye inks into a sublimation product such as the sublimation mug resulting in a colourful and high glossy printed gift.

10mm wide heat tape is used to secure your printed artwork onto the blank sublimation mugs during the heating process. This is highly recommended because the slightest movement between the printed artwork and the dye sublimation mugs and there will be a blurry and out of focus finished on the mug. Sublimation heat tape is very good value for money being 10m per roll and easily removed after use.