Blank sublimation mugs are available in different sizes in today's market and they vary in quality and grade. As a supplier we would only recommend using Grade 'A' blank sublimation mugs which offer the best results during the heat press process and hassle free production.

Our Grade 'A' sublimation mugs have the best bright white coating, therefore producing the best vivid colours and colour gamut results. Our Grade 'A' blank sublimation mugs also have a much smoother and professional coating reducing the chance of defects during the heat and gas transfer.

Which size blank sublimation mug do i need?

There are two main sizes of dye sublimation mugs which are commonly used for printing personalised gifts as 10oz or 11oz mugs. Both mug sizes fit generic mug heat press machines but you will find a 10oz mug is best suited for posting and Blank Sublimation Mugssending by courier because you can also purchase 10oz polystyrene mug boxes which offer the most reliable packing solution for such a fragile item. 11oz blank sublimation mugs are slightly bigger and the handle is normally bigger too, so the handle is more likely to break for deliveries compared to direct shop sales.

A sublimation mug should also have the right shape for a heat press machine. Our Grade 'A' blank sublimation mugs have straight edges so the print is transferred perfectly from top to bottom of the mug. If the mug does not have straight sides the print will loose sharpness and the heat process will leave a blurry appearance on the bevel.

I hope these tips help you source the best quality and blank white sublimation mugs for hassle free production, specially during these busy seasons such as Christmas time.