Canvas rolls are the new phenomenon in the photography scene. Digital cameras have made the world of photography as near and at everyone’s grip as possible. Both professional photographers and their amateur counterparts can now engage in taking pictures about almost everything of their interest, from sunsets and sunrise, family portraits, animals, landscapes to anything else worth their while.This moments that often times come very rarely must therefore be subjected to Canvas rolls rather than the now just cursory placement in the album or your computer file. Canvas rolls are used to safeguard your pictures by ensuring printing of your spectacular images for exhibit or show. In similitude to the painter’s canvas it has in its character a fine cloth-like result and induces a beautiful depth in texture than the traditional flat papers.

Rare moments

Canvas rolls are a beautiful media that captures the rarity of life. Those moments that if not photographed will disappear in the sands of time. Canvas rolls are also a better way of recapturing the moments from the archives of years and years. With this realisation it is therefore not surprising that Canvas rolls are the best producer or reproducer if you will, of the icon that is an image. Imagine how your wedding photos and son’s birthday pictures will look like on the Canvas rolls.

Why use Canvas rolls in the first place?

Canvas rolls are at most:
1. Dry immediately and one is not bound to wait for long as the pictures come to life as if breathed in the breath of life.Canvas Rolls

2. They are waterproof and this guarantees the safety of your picture. None other material can give the same assurance.

3. Does not have any cracks; most folks who use mediums for reproducing images have always craved for a perfect edge every time they get a result of their images on paper. They now do not need to look far as the rolls have been proven to provide this beautiful perfect edge.

4. If you want to infuse prints of colour and, or, B&W and Sepia images then you are again in luck with the Canvas rolls.

5. Their compatibility with pigment inks and dye is now without question. Some other, especially the flat papers have problems with either dye or the pigment inks.

6. Since the computer is now the technology of the times the beauty with Canvas rolls is that it goes well and in tandem with printers like Canon, Epson and HP. So no matter where or what printer you use there is no Worry if it will print or not.

7. Flexibility; these rolls stretch and can be folded at will on either the frames or on the block boards.

Is it Lacquer or vanish according to you?

I doubt if there is any photographer whether professional or amateur who does not love the glossy result on any printed photo. Glossiness creates a sharper and vividness on the image. It also removes dullness and infuses a classy and sophisticated picture. Canvas rolls can be done just as aforementioned. This can be done especially for aesthetic and visual reasons, also as mentioned earlier.